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Mayacamas (Duncan Woodbury) is an LA-based electronic music artist fusing metropolitan rhythmic environments with raw, pastoral tonalities. Prog-rock riffs, jazz fusion tones and deep funk grooves are melted down in a foundry fueled by red-hot techno, house, and IDM. Mayacamas combines a lifetime of musical study and obsession into epic dancefloor cuts, rhythmic and harmonic explorations, and ambient vignettes. Each track has its own character, while also fitting into a greater sonic narrative. 


Woodbury is President of Lower Grand, and co-founder of 4th Street Bridge, a creative agency dedicated to building communities through art and storytelling. Lower Grand is dedicated to the explosive advancement of music and the way that it permeates our lives. Lower Grand shapes the form and function of music in the way that it serves it artists, its audiences and its communities.


Mayacamas’ debut EP I-5 is an exploration of home and the spaces between. Named for the west coasts’ arterial highway, these songs represents transitions in musical and personal outlook.


//: MGMT



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"The jittery “Buttonwillow,” the punishing (and then rejuvenating once the second wind hits) “Lost Hills,” the charismatically cosmic “Santa Nella,” the tense closing theme of “Moon Mountain” and then the sun-comes-up outro “Mountain Terrace” all connect to the kind of solitary moods and moments that come with this kind of long-haul journey."

-LA Record



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